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Mati Lyons – Sky’s On Fire (Lyric Video)

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Inspiration behind “Sky’s On Fire”

People have been asking me where I got the inspiration for the title of my was actually a little bit under a year ago that I went on a run and saw the sunset and thought to myself “wow, the sky is on fire this evening.” So I took a picture of it and uploaded it to Instagram. When I returned home, I wrote the first version of the song. It’s crazy what a little bit of imagination and inspiration can do for you.

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Mati Lyons is a singer & songwriter from Ohio with a mature and sultry sound combined with a modern take on Pop music. Mati fell in love with many different genres of music at a very young age, and decided early on that music would always have a big role in her life. She loves lyrics that evokes emotion to an audience and invites the audience to join her on the journey of a deep connection to the music. Mati wants her jazz inspired soulful voice blended with a 2000s pop culture impact to encourage others to be who you want & sing your own tune.

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